YUKI Nigori Cantaloupe

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UPC: 086395 180602
Brewed in: Berkeley, CA
ABV: 10.0%
Rice: Calrose
Kosher Certified Sulfite Free Gluten Free

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Certified Kosher by Orthodox Union

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Whether you're bathing in the summer sun or lost in the memory of warmer days, YUKI Nigori Cantaloupe sake from Takara Sake USA can complete the experience. This palate cleanser offers tart and tangy melon notes tempered with the smooth, silky finish of a high-quality Nigori sake. It's a world-class favorite cultivated through years of history and experience with age-old sake brewing methods.

Takara Sake USA is proud to provide YUKI Nigori Cantaloupe sake for sale nationwide in as many states as we can. See if we're available in your location, and place an order today to elevate your sake experience for your next family dinner, date night or quiet night in.

Get the Best Experience From YUKI Nigori Cantaloupe Sake

Nigori sake undergoes a niche production process, characterized by the drink's cloudy white color. This color comes with a unique texture due to a coarse filtering process that leaves more undissolved rice particles in the final product. Before opening the bottle, chill it for a few hours in your fridge, or place it in a wine bucket with ice to elevate those crisp cantaloupe flavors that remind you of the best parts of summer.

Once you're ready to drink, shake the bottle thoroughly but gently to distribute the flavors evenly. You are now ready to serve it. Because this drink is bursting with flavor, even drinking it alone is a satisfying experience. However, it also pairs well with fresh veggies or a well-made charcuterie board. Or, save it for the end of the night and let it bring forth those creamy, earthy tones in your favorite desserts.

If you like to get creative with your drinks, YUKI Nigori Cantaloupe makes an excellent cocktail base. It's suitable for people with many dietary restrictions, too, as it's kosher-certified and free of sulfates and gluten. So, break out the glasses and start experimenting with flavors that enhance existing notes of freshly picked cantaloupes and tangy citrus.

Buy YUKI Nigori Cantaloupe Sake Today

YUKI Nigori Cantaloupe is ready to please any crowd with notes of sweetness, tang and smoothness simultaneously. One taste of this drink, and you may not even want to share your bottle with anyone else! Order one for yourself, and get one as a gift — your recipient is sure to love it as much as you do.

At Takara Sake USA, we only work with sake producers who honor the original processes of sake brewing. The result is a catalog of the best-quality sake you'll find in the country. Order your new favorite drink today, and experience authentic sake from the comfort of your home.

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