GOKAI Junmai

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UPC: 086395 530001
Brewed in: Fushimi, Kyoto, Japan
ABV: 15.0%
Rice: Japanese varietal
Rice Polishing Ratio: 70%
SMV: 4
Sulfite Free Gluten Free

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Umami is a complex and rich taste. Distinctly tasting yet neither bitter nor sweet, umami has a unique flavor that is difficult to describe and wonderful to experience. Our Sho Chiku Bai Gokai Junmai sake has a taste profile unlike anything you've tried before. Because of this delicious flavor, we sell cases of Gokai sake so you can stock up and enjoy whenever that craving hits.

This convenient, single-serve sake offers traditional junmai aromas of Asian pear, salted melon, banana, and cream. The silky palate has a satisfying weight and is gently mouthwatering. Flavors include fruity notes from the nose-pear, melon, and banana — but also wonderfully savory aspects, including custard, cocoa, banana bread, and baking spices. The palate becomes more intense and rich in umami. Flavors include salty dried beef and banana bread with walnuts.

Sake in Japan: A Long and Storied History

Dating back to the beginning of the Imperial Court, sake has been a mainstay in traditional Japanese society. Hundreds of years ago, people drank it on special occasions, commemorating a deceased family member or celebrating a wedding. More recently, sake has become an everyday indulgence for the people of Japan.

People traveling to Japan will try sake, enjoy it, and increase the demand for it in their own countries. Sake's popularity in the United States has been continuously rising, making Takara Sake USA Inc. the country's number one sake store!

Buy Sho Chiku Bai Gokai, 180 ml Case (30), From Takara Sake USA

What do you look for in your favorite wine or beer of choice? Great taste, superior production values, and exceptional ingredients probably top the list. Our Gokai sake, along with others we sell online, features all three characteristics and more! We blend traditional approaches to making sake with new technologies that will ease the fermentation and production processes without sacrificing quality. Other reasons to shop with us include:

  • Unmatched ingredients, such as rice from the Sacramento Valley and snowmelt via the Sierra Nevada Mountains
  • Kosher-certified products
  • Best-in-class customer service

Take some time for yourself and contact us to buy a case of Gokai sake — you deserve it!

Taste Profile

Hot Cold Room Temp










Balanced and satisfying

Pairing Suggestions

This sake’s balance of fruit and savor- iness makes it versatile with food. It will be very good with egg custards, soba noodles, chicken breast, or moderately flavored white fish, steamed shellfish. It has the intensity to hold up to filet mignon, yakitori, and the complexity to shine with a simple bowl of seasoned white rice.

Wine Comparisons

White Burgundy (Chardonnay) or Soave (from the Veneto)
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