J POP Lychee

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Brewed in: Utica, NY
ABV: 6.5%
Sulfite Free

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If you're not drinking liquor, beer and wine are often the only options, but they're not for every person or situation. Drinkers are thrilled to have other options like cider, seltzer, and JPOP malt beverages. JPOP has changed the game with carbonated alcoholic beverages that taste closer to soda than beer. With fresh, fruity flavor options like lychee, anyone can enjoy a refreshing beverage that suits their flavor preferences.

At Takara Sake USA, we offer JPOP Lychee cans to all of our wholesale buyers as an exciting new addition for your customers or for a limited-time release that can drive sales and bring in new audiences. Contact us today to learn more about our wholesale pricing and how you can add JPOP drinks to your variety of options.

Sell JPOP Lychee Cans Anywhere

After a long day of work, perhaps all you or your clientele want to do is crack open a can or pour a drink and relax. Mid-afternoon to early evening is the perfect time for a light, refreshing beverage or two before dinner, but many people find picking the right drink for their palates a challenge, as they don't like the taste of beer and don't want something as rich as wine.

JPOP Lychee is an upscale addition to any market shelf or drink menu. This beer alternative combines fizzy carbonation with sweet, vibrant flavors that make JPOP Lychee a delicious sparkling cocktail. Its sweetness provides the perfect complement for your favorite potato chips or fresh-from-the-kettle popcorn. Any savory meal will meet its match in this drink — whether your cuisine includes high-end chicken alfredo or classic street foods like tacos or fried fish, JPOP Lychee will match your variety seamlessly.

Buy Wholesale JPOP Lychee Today

Lychee-flavored drinks offer a unique experience to American buyers who are unfamiliar with the fruit and a taste of home to others who grew up with the delicacy. All of Takara Sake USA's distributors are committed to offering authentic, affordable tastes of Japan's best alcohol, and JPOP is no different. We know this for sure because JPOP is our brand, and we aim to make it better every day through the wholesale distribution of quality products.

Our team is standing by, waiting to fill your order as soon as you place it. Let us help you introduce this unforgettable drink to your community and enhance local flavors for all of your neighbors. Contact the Takara Sake USA team, today and embrace the distinction of being the first supplier in your area to offer JPOP Lychee. 

Taste Profile

Hot Cold Room Temp










Mellow, enticing aromas and flavors of ripe lychee

Pairing Suggestions

JPOP Lychee is perfect with potato chips and salty, buttered popcorn. It complements lightly savory and salty foods such as grilled chicken, fried chicken, and fish fingers. It's delicious with street tacos too.