Wooden Sake Masu (6 oz) Sake Serving Cup

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Sake is a longstanding part of Japanese tradition, and that includes the vessels used to serve it. For an authentic sake experience, you can invest in the right pieces. Our wooden sake serving cap is a cask that helps bring out the flavor of traditionally brewed sake. You can use it as a cup, or you can put a small glass cup inside of masu to serve sake. You can also complement the wooden sake masu with traditional flasks or serving pitchers.

Traditional Sake serving cap of Japan. Wooden masu is branded with Sho Chiku Bai original logo. It holds 180ml (6 oz).

How to Serve Sake: A Treasured Part of Japanese Culture

Sake is a traditional Japanese beverage made from fermented rice. Hundreds of years ago, the masu was used for measuring rice. Gradually, people began using the masu for serving sake as well. The drink accompanied special occasions, such as funerals and weddings, starting in ancient times.

Today, sake is an everyday enjoyment in Japan, and people still use the masu to indulge in this traditional alternative to wine and beer. The scent of the wood is believed to improve and sharpen the flavor of the sake. Sake has become popular worldwide, including in the United States, where Takara Sake USA Inc. is the top sake brewery and store.

Buy Our Original Wooden Sake Masu (6 oz) Sake Serving Cap Online

Takara Sake USA makes high-quality sake and serving products to complement the popular drink. We use premium ingredients to make our rice wine, such as rice from the Sacramento Valley. Our sake is free of animal products, gluten and sulfites, and the domestically produced bottles are also kosher. Other benefits of buying from us include:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Large selection of different sake flavors and types
  • Fantastic gift selection, including samplers of your favorite sake

Connect with a longstanding Japanese tradition by purchasing our wooden sake serving cup. Order for yourself or a friend today.

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