Takara Mirin & Sho Chiku Bai Classic

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SCB Junmai Sake & Takara Mirin

(Online Store Special Set)

Home chefs love trying new ways to enhance traditional flavors to liven up recipes. Investing in our "Ultimate Cooking Combo" Takara Mirin & Sho Chiku Bai Classic Junmai sake will bring nuance and excitement to your kitchen. Our Takara Mirin sake makes a perfect accompaniment to savory recipes — you can use it with nearly any type of meat for a rich taste and distinct umami aftertaste. Use your imagination to try new ways to make your favorite dishes when you order the best sake for cooking!

Award-wining Sho Chiku Bai Classic (Junmai Sake) can deliver award-winning cuisine in any culinary style. Used together with "Takara Mirin," its effect will be exponential. Discover the secret! Try Ultimate Cooking Combo for your kitchen today!

A complementary Umami Recipe will be included in your shipping box.

The History of Sake in Japan

The Japanese have enjoyed sake for hundreds of years. Its first use stems from celebrating special occasions, more than a thousand years ago, when the Japanese would toast a couple getting married or mourn a loved one who had died. As the years have progressed, sake has become part of everyday life as well. Many people around the world now embrace the drink after traveling to and experiencing it in Japan. It has become popular abroad, including in the United States, where Takara Sake USA Inc. is the country's most trusted number one sake store.

Buy Japanese Cooking Sake From Takara Sake USA

Many of our customers enjoy drinking sake as a substitute for wine or beer, with its fermented rice contributing a unique taste all its own. Other customers like putting our Sho Chiku Bai sake in their recipes at home. It has become a special way to add a more adventurous flavor to any dish.

We use the finest ingredients to create our Takara Mirin, gourmet seasoning sake, such as rice grown in the Sacramento Valley and snowmelt from the Sierra Nevada Mountains. When you purchase our Takara Mirin sake, you get an exceptional product that will make an excellent addition to your pantry.

Takara Sake USA offers the finest customer service in the industry. We're happy to assist with any questions about our products or help you in placing an order. Treat yourself to the best cooking sake today!

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