Takara Shochu

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UPC: 086395 404104
Distilled at: Japan
ABV: 24.0%
Sulfite Free

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Clean with undertones of citrus. TAKARA SHOCHU is clean and sophisticated, its gentle minerality accented by lemon and lime pith. The palate is dry and very smooth with a refreshing finish. It is reminiscent of high-quality vodka, but easier to drink and lower in calories because the alcohol is lower.

While the history of "honkaku shochu" (single distillation) dates back to Mesopotamia, "Ko-rui shochu" (multiple distillations) was not invented untill the late 19th century. This new distillation process revolutionized the production capacity as well as the flavor profiles of shochu. TAKARA SHOCHU, first created around 1925, was a vanguard of ko-rui shochu, characterized by its smooth quality and well-suited to large-scale prodcution capacity. Since then, TAKARA SHOCHU has been a leading shochu brand in Japan. It is best known today for its clean and refined quality, making it a perfect and delicious base for Chu-hi (shochu highball) and cocktails.

Serve chilled or mix it up!

Spirits Comparisons: Top-shelf vodka

Taste Profile

Hot Cold Room Temp










Clean with undertones of citrus

Pairing Suggestions

TAKARA SHOCHU is a great match for caviar, lightly cured salmon, raw oysters, and mildly flavored sushi

Serving Recommendations

Drink TAKARA SHOCHU well-chilled and neat in a shot glass or shake it with ice and serve in a cold martini glass with a twist of lemon